Exothermic Welding

Step 1 : Cutting the conductor cable (Brace thread if necessary with small cable)
Step 2 : Clean the conductor to metal surface or the other secondary surface (With sandpaper dan steel brush)
Step 3 : Mould and Handle clamp assembly to avoid any spillage
Step 4 : Warm up the mould and conductor (For 1-2 minutes)
Step 5 : Warm up the mould and conductor (For 1-2 minutes)
Step 6 : Assemble the conductor into the mold (Brace both parts)
Step 7 : Put steel disk into the mould
Step 7 : Pour the weld metal/powder on to of the steel disk
Step 8 : Pour the ignation power by squeezing the packaging and close the cover
Step 9 : Igniting the weld powder (Us necessary PPE)
Step 10 : Wait for 1-2 minuted and remove slag on the cover area then the inside area
Step 11 : Remove the connection slowly preventing damages to the mauld
Step 12 : Clean the mould with a brush

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