Spark Gap

For security reasons and tempest requirements, there are usually separate ground systems in broadcasting, radios, communications, computer installations and so on. Undeniably, this is available to a certain extent. However, differences in ground potentials is unavoidable when lightning or other transient voltages occur and eventually equipment damage is something least desirable.

The Isolation Spark Gap ( ISG ) can surely help. It is an isolation spark gap which can effectively clamp the grounds together to prevent ground potentials differences under transient conditions. Under normal situations, the ISG acts as an effective open circuit which will then closes at once if the ground potential difference is above the breakdown voltage of the ISG.The ground potentials are finally equalized. Besides, the ISG can be reset and operate for over ten thousand times.

> High Peak Current capability
> 50kA and 100kA ( 10 / 350μS )
> Long service life
> Weatherproof enclosure
> Resin sealing
> Anti-vibration

Model Available :
> ISG50
> ISG100

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