AC Single Phase Surge Protection Devices

Series Available :
» ProM - DIN Rail Surge Protection Devices
» ProM50 ctrl 1.0 - DIN Rail Triggered Spark Gap (10/350µs)
» ProT - 7 Modes Surge Protection Devices

ProM - DIN Rail Surge Protection Devices

Key Features
» Single Phase - 2P / 1ØPhase
» Three Phase - 3P / 3ØPhase
» High energy discharge
» Low voltage protection level
» Compliant to IEC, VDE standard

Application and Installation The ProM series arresters are designed for limiting surge in low-voltage installations. They also protect subsequently arranged installations and equipment (e.g. EDP-systems, telecommunications system, etc.) against surge caused by switching operations, electrostatic discharges, distant lightning or direct lightning. Generally, in accordance with lightning protection equipotential bonding, lightning current arresters of Class I used for protecting the low-voltage installation against the effects of direct lightning and surge, should be installed in the main power supply system, such as the service entrance, the upstream of meter or the downstream main distribution board, forming the boundary from lightning protection zone 0A to LPZ1 within the Lightning Protection Zones Concept; A typical application for overvoltage arresters of Class II against the effect of surge caused by atmospheric discharge or switching transients, is the main- or sub-distribution board of low-voltage installations forming the boundary from LPZ 1 to LPZ2; And the application of surge arresters of Class III is for protection of sensitive equipments against surge, installed on LPZ2 to LPZ3

Safety Instructions
The arresters are only to be installed by an electrically skilled person in accordance with correlative regulations. Its use is only permitted due to the conditions mentioned and shown in the installation instructions. The function of the arresters can be interfered when it is used in applications exceeding the values stated in the Technical Data. Furthermore, the arresters are to be checked by the electrically skilled person for signs of external damage prior to installation. If any damage or other defect is detected in this check, the arrester must not be installed. However, opening or otherwise tampering with the arresters is not permitted for safety reasons. Tampering with the equipment invalidates the warranty.

Models Available :
» ProM65
» ProM40
» ProM20

ProM - DIN Rail Triggered Spark Gap (10/350µs)

Key Features
» Single Phase - 2P / 1ØPhase
» Three Phase - 3P / 3ØPhase
» Electronic Trigger
» High energy discharge
» Low voltage protection level
» Little follow current
» Model of protection: L - N, L - G, N - G

ProM50 ctrl 1.0 Encapsulated and Triggered Lightning protection device is a 1 pole, high energy loaded voltage switching type surge Protective devices, with compact structure, high discharge capability, low voltage protective level, quick response, little follow current. By virtue of the advanced electronic trigger and ingenious encapsulated discharge spark gap, the lightning protector used a class I ( B ) SPD, ca be directly connected in parallel with Class II ( C ) SPD, witout requirement of cable lengths or decoupling coil. This results in a coil between them, also not considering work current limit of the additional coil. This results in a space saving, simplifying installation technology and optimizing complex wiring. The spark gap is a precisely made by alloy material with excellent arc ablation resistance, whose ignited voltage can be controlled by electronic trigger, it also can be ignited and discharges most surge energy thorough gap, when suppression voltage on Class II ( C ) SPD connected directly in parallel with lightning arrester during suppressing reach up to preset triggered voltage value, for transmitting and decreasing the load on Class II ( C ) SPD, accordingly accomplishes the energy coordinator of Class I ( B ) and II ( C ) SPD. The coordinating precondition is that Class II ( C ) SPD must be based on a varistor with a suitable clamping rated voltage. It used as Class I ( B ) SPD to construct Class I ( B ) and Class II ( C ) SPD by direct connection in parallel. They can be installed at the service entrance, main distribution board of 220/380 low voltage power supply system.

Models Available :
» ProM50-ctrl 1.0
» ProM50-ctrl 1.5

ProT - 7 Modes Surge Protection Devices
Protec ProT Series Surge Protection Devices utilize Threshold Voltage Tracking Circuitry (TVTC) and are designed for AC power line protection against voltage and current transients. Key Features
» Threshold Voltage Tracking Circuitry (TVTC)
» Individually fused multichannel suppression modules
» Available in 30, 60, 100 & 150kA per phase peak Surge Current Rating (SCR)
» Voltage protection level (VPR) below 1kV per mode
» 200kA short circuit current rating (SCCR)
» Lifetime cycle more than 45impulses of 10kA per phase
» Integrated All Mode Protection
» NEMA4X/IP56 Enclosure
» Fire proof silicon high temperature connection cables
» Integrated Thermal & Over-current fusing
» Anti-shock, anti-vibration thermal encapsulation in high strength dielectric compound
» Integrated Blue LED per phase monitoring
» 10 Year Free Replacement Warranty
» Tested to IEC 61643-11 & UL 1449 3rd edition

Ideal for application for the protection against Lightning electromagnetic pulses (LEMP) to reduce the risk of failure of internal systems from:
» over-voltages due to lightning flashes to the structure resulting from resistive and inductive coupling;
» over-voltages due to lightning flashes near the structure resulting from inductive coupling;
» over-voltages transmitted by lines connected to the structure due to flashes to or near the lines;
» magnetic field directly coupling with internal systems

Facilities such as below installing external lightning protection systems are recommended to install protection against LEMP for reliable operations of their computer, communication, control, security and surveillance systems:
» Manufacturing Facilities,
» Office Complexes & Buildings
» Apartment complexes & Farm Houses
» Resorts, Hotels & Restaurants
» School Campuses
» Banks, Gas Stations and Fuel Depots
» Religious Establishments

General Product Specification
IEEE-C62.41.1 & C62.41.2-2002 Environments:
Suitable for category A, B & C applications
IEC Environments:
Suitable for use as Class II & Class III in IEC 61643-11 environments
UL Environment:
Suitable for use as Type I, II & III as defined by UL 1449 3rd edition
Tested for CE Environment:
Mains terminals disturbance voltage, 9kHz to 30MHz
Raidated Emissions 30MHz to 300MHz
Electrostatic Discharge
IEC 61000-6-3: 2006
EN 61000-6-3: 2007
Electric Fast Transients, Surge, Power Frequency Mangentic Field, Dips
Test Method, IEC 61000-4-6: 2008, EN 61000-4-6: 2009,
Test Requirement, IEC 61000-6-1:2005,
EN 61000-6-1: 2007

Models Available :
» ProT-30-1P2 (240)
» ProT-60-1P2 (240)
» ProT-100-1P2 (240)
» ProT-150-1P2 (240)
» ProT-30-3Y24 (240/415)
» ProT-60-3Y24 (240/415)
» ProT-100-3Y24 (240/415)
» ProT-150-3Y24 (240/415)

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